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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He has risen just as he said. John 20, Luke 24

I posted on my facebook page Saturday, "waiting for the Son to rise." Someone posted, "He already has."
I know that. However, liturgically, I was waiting for the resurrection after witnessing the Tennebrae, or service of Darkness Friday evening. The sadness had filled my heart, esp. due to a difficult situation of which I had been made aware Thursday night in the life of someone that I care about. I needed Jesus to rise. I needed to be reminded of his resurrection power. He answered. He arose. Just as he said.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Friday. But is Sunday coming?

A popular phrase among American Christians is "It's Friday but Sunday's aComin'"
To embrace the true meaning of Good Friday, we must embrace the pain the disciples felt. They did not know Sunday was coming. Their despair did not include a little note in the back of their heads that said, "Yes, but this sorrow will pass." True sorrow, true despair does not know hope. That is what they felt. Did he tell them he would rise? Yes. Did they listen? No. Would you listen if one of your friends told you they would rise on the third day? It has been a difficult day for me. I need Sunday. But first I must get through Friday and Saturday's pain.