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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Easter 3C John 21:1-19

I have preached this passage: the reinstatement of Peter since the first year I began preaching. I travelled with a ministry group in college and all my friends in the group heard me preach this passage more times than they ever wished! Why do I love it so?

I have felt so often like a failure. I have felt like I failed Jesus. No, I did not deny I knew him while he endured abuse at the hands of the soldiers. Yet I know I have let him down.

Perhaps this passage showed me a glimpse of grace that I needed to see. Jesus asked him,"Do you love me?" once for every time Peter denied him. Would Jesus do the same for me? Better yet, would I do the same for others?

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Roberta said...

I just discovered your blog. Been thinking a lot about you lately. Check out my blog at: See you soon;) I also adore that passage, by the way. Jesus does such remarkable things with loosers.