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Friday, May 4, 2007

Mother's Day

Ok, so I break from the lectionary once in a while. I'm a mother. It's mothers' day. Sorry lectionary lovers.

We learn the love of God in the arms of our mother. In my earliest memories I am always crawling out of bed (so I've always been a night owl) and walking up to my mom who sat on the couch in a t-shirt & jeans watching Mary Hartman or Johnny Carson with a bowl of popcorn & a glass of iced tea with lemon..."Mommy, I can't sleep. There are monsters in the closet." Or "Mommy, there are needles in my hand (my hand was asleep)." Or "Mommy, baby brother won't quit crying." Now, I don't know what you moms say but I usually say "Go back to bed."

My mom usually got around to that, but first there was a hug...a solution (God won't let monsters in your closet)...

More later....I think my kids are up.

Back...they weren't up. It was the cats. What I'm trying to mom is always ready to listen to my problems...from monsters in the closet and now to questions about how to handle my own children. I find such metaphors in motherhood about God's love...Whatever I bring to God, God listens. More later. Mom & Dad are at the door. The kids & cats are going crazy cause they brought Uncle Xander (the Dachsund). Maybe I'll finish this post before Mothers Day. Maybe.

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