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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More on Palm Sunday Year C John 12:12-16

Today I was talking to my Biblical Interpretation class about the historical reasons behind Jesus' death. I was struck by the idea that he could have avoided Jerusalem during Passover...knowing it was already a hotbed of political strife, why did he go? Of course we have the theological and biblical answers...Luke 9:51 "And he set his face to Jerusalem." He made up his mind he would go, humanly knowing what Rome did with "insurrectionists." What was he thinking as he rode the back of the donkey into Jerusalem? For just a moment did he wish that he could accept the praise, use his power, knock Pilate and Herod off their thrones, and take over? I know, he settled that back in the Temptation narrative...but did it ever come back? We welcome him with open arms, and then turn so quickly. God, don't let me do that this year.

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