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Monday, February 3, 2014

Reflections on celebrity death [Philip Seymour Hoffman] and Superbowl Sunday

Why does social media light up when one famous person is found dead of an overdose of illegal drugs but doesn't seem to say anything about the millions dying everyday from this epidemic? 

Why does social media light up with complaints about lack of good commercials and bad defense over the superbowl but says little about the drug and human trafficking problems tied up with super sporting events in this country?

Where are our priorities? Drugs kill people every single day; not just users but innocent victims around the users. 

Speak out against drug use and encourage those you know with addiction to get help. I highly recommend 12 step programs. They are free and they are everywhere. Do a simple google search for Alcoholics Anonymous in your area. A Christian twelve stop recovery program is called Celebrate Recovery and it is now in most cities. Once again, these programs are 100% free.

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