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Monday, July 28, 2008

Believing Thomas John 20:19-31 Easter 2A

So why isn't he called "Believing Thomas" rather than "Doubting Thomas?"
He believed in the end, right? Yet we remember the poor guy only for his doubts.

I am embarassed to say this: but for the first time I am preaching at an urban mission. I am not embarassed to be preaching there...only embarassed at the age of 35 after 15 years of ministry I have not done this yet.

Yes, I have this passage listed on this site already. I know I am to preach it to this crowd. Yes, it's not the lectionary passage for the week.

I read over what I have preached on this passage before...and now I am faced with listeners who absolutely are at their end of hope...and isn't that what the Gospel is for?

Talk about no hope: your best friend has been crucified and you think you are next and you are hiding in fear...and then Jesus appears and offers peace. I need to give this message. Help me, God. Help me to preach the hope of Christ.

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