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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Election of Pope Francis I

Well I guess it's time to join every other blogger and talk about the new pope. I am not Roman Catholic. But I am Christian. I am far enough in history away from Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli and even Henry VIII to say that the Holy Father in some sense does represent me though I am Protestant.

Today the whole world  waited for the white smoke. And when it was seen there was no waiting for it to be broadcast in the next morning's news, or for the newspapers to be published. Everyone in in the world knew within seconds that the white smoke ascended via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media venue represented in St. Peter's Square.

Why did Protestants care who was elected? Didn't 'we' PROTEST the Papacy 500 years ago?

Why did Americans care who was elected? Didn't 'we' declare over 200 years ago that we would be rule ourselves and not allow a religious state to interfere?

Why did the English care who was elected? Didn't the English King say 500 years ago that he would do as he pleased no matter what the Holy Father said? And then make himself the Head of the Church?

Why is everyone so interested? Why do we think it mattered? I want to hear your opinions! Tell me.

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